August 02, 2021

Mukul Kesavan

  • The Slowest Steeplechase
    The Slowest Steeplechase

    Wonderland studios, slick potty seats and inaccurate number- crunching comprised polls on TV

  • A Second Audience
    A Second Audience

    Happily, Justin Trotter, home from limbo, is back on the shelves

  • A Symphony In Two Parts
    A Symphony In Two Parts

    Seth is better at describing his character's joyous passion for music than his brooding love

  • Themes 97: One-Day Democracy
    Themes 97: One-Day Democracy

    The Indian electorate shows a preference for the shorter game

  • Putting The World On Hold
    Putting The World On Hold

    Mother Teresa was a landmark. Diana, a concerned tourist.

  • Cine Qua Non!
    Cine Qua Non!

    If we have one shared turf of experience, it's Hindi cinema. And since all the radio ga-ga over Pataudi's...

  • Through The Voyeur's Eyes
    Through The Voyeur's Eyes

    Curiosity took writer Mukul Kesavan and cartoonist Ajit Ninan through Faizabad and Ayodhya where they found...

  • The Turn Of Wonder
    The Turn Of Wonder

    A debut sans angst-ridden stupor...sheer, compelling story-telling

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