June 23, 2021

Mukul Kesavan

  • Ink, Mortar And Canon
    Ink, Mortar And Canon

    A hundred essential books, chosen by our jury, and the reasons they should be read—and reread

  • Talking To My Selfie
    Talking To My Selfie

    It’s a palm-sized electronic alter ego. It both chains us and invests us with a new freedom.

  • Attitude Bollytude
    Attitude Bollytude

    Celebrating the arc-lit genius of a subcontinental art

  • The Moon Also Waxes
    The Moon Also Waxes

    Why isn’t good news getting the space it deserves? Is it too undramatic, does it sound implausible? Are we...

  • 1983, A Foreign Country
    1983, A Foreign Country

    That was a different time, cricket and life have changed since

  • A Mere Flick Of The Wrist
    A Mere Flick Of The Wrist

    Azhar's very name may turn Congress's 25 years of electoral misfortune here

  • No Place Like Home
    No Place Like Home

    In location and language, I was more an Agrawal from Delhi than an Iyengar from Mysore

  • Fully Loaded Magazine
    Fully Loaded Magazine

    In its 13 years, Outlook has honed a peculiarly Indian take on secular fair play that opens its pages to...

  • Kamala's Agony
    Kamala's Agony

    In lurid, tinny Tamil pulp, starlets rest cheek-by-jowl with gods. Remarkably satisfying.

  • No One Writes To The Prison Doc Anymore
    No One Writes To The Prison Doc Anymore

    A Jat playing bhadralok? Could it have been that he acted so well that we didn't even notice?

  • Harry's Sally
    Harry's Sally

    Coming from a world where institutions have collapsed, the provincial student displays an intensity the...

  • Wrong One Up The Wicket
    Wrong One Up The Wicket

    Dodgy umpiring and onfield bluster have a symbiotic relation in Australia

  • And The Alarm Would Go, One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha
    And The Alarm Would Go, One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha

    Refugees from the streets, killers from next door, the terrible violence inside us

  • I, The Nation
    I, The Nation

    Austere, inward micro-patriotism: Mother India left a difficult legacy. We mostly need less abstract enemies.

  • Men At Work
    Men At Work

    Hipshot on the zebra by amber light/Bum cocked, knees spread for room, a little bent/He picks away at his...

  • Summer By Degrees
    Summer By Degrees

    My new year begins in mid-July and has done for 30 years, ever since I signed up to study history in Delhi...

  • Grin And Bear It
    Grin And Bear It

    So the grinches stole Christmas and your faith in democracy. There's more to life. Isn't there? Cricket?...

  • Alone on Mount Olympus
    Alone on Mount Olympus

    Bradman lives alone on Olympus. Tendulkar, the best batsman today, with an average hovering around 57,...

  • A Paean To The Past
    A Paean To The Past

    A much-needed, comprehensive listing of Delhi's historical buildings

  • No Escaping The Nation-state
    No Escaping The Nation-state

    A nation-state is a state legitimised by the people.

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