January 16, 2021

Mohammad Shehzad

  • Bejour Blowback
    Bejour Blowback

    The implications of the Bajaur operation, as of past military debacles, will continue to haunt Pakistan in...

  • Why The Jihadis Prevail
    Why The Jihadis Prevail

    Because the state fails. The reverberations of this quake will echo in Pakistan for a long time to come. The...

  • Fighting Words, Hidden Pacts
    Fighting Words, Hidden Pacts

    The military establishment's fondness for Islamist fundamentalists, jihadists and rightwing groups remains as...

  • Fundamentalist Fury
    Fundamentalist Fury

    The jihadis have long considered America, India, Israel and Ahmadis as the worst evils. Musharraf's education...

  • Power Play In South Waziristan
    Power Play In South Waziristan

    The biggest quandary at present in Pakistan is not Musharraf's uniform but the ongoing military operation in...

  • The General In His Labyrinth
    The General In His Labyrinth

    So would the good General be successful in his jihad on the jihadis and the MMA? Or would he in the end be...

  • "India Is Headed For A Disaster"

    Pakistan's Interior Minister on Kashmir and jehad.

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