September 30, 2020

Maulik Parikh

  • The Cosmic Takkar
    The Cosmic Takkar

    A comet wiped the dinosaurs out 65 million years ago. Is one coming our way?

  • Finger Off The Paper
    Finger Off The Paper

    Don't plan a holiday to hyperspace just yet-- but allow the mind its excursions

  • Rules Of The Roulette
    Rules Of The Roulette

    We can predict the ultimate fate of the universe. But not of the tiny atom.

  • ?

    What are black holes? Do the laws of physics also vanish in them?

  • Buy Me A Carbon Ring
    Buy Me A Carbon Ring

    What's possible in science is interesting. More fascinating is what's not.

  • Back To The Future
    Back To The Future

    In theory, you can travel back in time. The risk is, would you be you?

  • Brahma - Light = Yama
    Brahma - Light = Yama

    Revisit E=mc2... Einstein's prime concern was creation, not annihilation

  • Immaculate Conception
    Immaculate Conception

    We begin at the beginning: the Big Bang. Ask not what preceded it.

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