May 17, 2021

Maroof Raza

  • Our Problem No. 1
    Our Problem No. 1

    India must challenge the Pakistani narrative on Kashmir

  • Then, There Was None
    Then, There Was None

    It’s a fallacy for the govt to assume that by hanging kasab, it showed its resolve to fight terrorism.

  • In The Dragon’s Eye
    In The Dragon’s Eye

    If not for Delhi’s meddling, the army may have withstood 1962

  • No Generalisations Please
    No Generalisations Please

    Despite the army chief’s bombshell, not every middleman is a crook

  • The Olive Is Still Green
    The Olive Is Still Green

    Religion hasn't really taken root in our military, never mind Purohit

  • The Subliminal War
    The Subliminal War

    A subtle analysis of militancy and media's unconscious motives KASHMIR DIARY

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