November 24, 2020

Mariana Baabar

  • Playback Artistes’ Pratfalls
    Playback Artistes’ Pratfalls

    When talk turns to Indo-Pak tension, Indian TV is lost in a cloud of foamy blether. Its Pakistani guests are...

  • The Steady Drone
    The Steady Drone

    The contenders concur on Pakistan; its people examine the nuances

  • Swat The Taliban
    Swat The Taliban

    Malala was a warning. Pakistan has to build a stomach for a fight.

  • Worms At Work
    Worms At Work

    To be a Pakistani woman politician is to be sullied by ‘educated’ chavs

  • Torn Fatigues
    Torn Fatigues

    Pakistan looks at Egypt for a realistic cue

  • A Pathan At The Gurudwara
    A Pathan At The Gurudwara

    A top Pakistani official’s ‘act of penance’ for Taliban intolerance raises official hackles

  • Wrappers’ Paradise
    Wrappers’ Paradise

    Silk raiments from rural India set hearts aflutter in posh Pakistan

  • Lights Out On Free Alley
    Lights Out On Free Alley

    Gilani goes, but the judiciary overreaches

  • Three Meet On A Chessboard
    Three Meet On A Chessboard

    With ties with America at its lowest, Pakistan looks for a role in the India-US bonhomie

  • Abominable Snowmen
    Abominable Snowmen

    Kayani’s steep climbdown on Siachen awaits an Indian response

  • All Are Invited To The Sermon
    All Are Invited To The Sermon

    Aided by exacting laws, protected by the state, Hafiz Saeed, terror’s grand imam, flourishes still

  • Deadly Bouncers
    Deadly Bouncers

    Literary star vs erstwhile cricketing great

  • Scorched Earth, Act II
    Scorched Earth, Act II

    Balochistan is a tinderbox of complex history, brutality and bad blood

  • Three-Legged Race
    Three-Legged Race

    Bold sallies, tactical retreats: the Pakistani state’s figureheads test strengths

  • Stirring In Some Chaos
    Stirring In Some Chaos

    Pakistan in turmoil: discontent on the streets, political ferment, and ‘Memogate’

  • ‘India, Learn From Past Kashmir Operations’
    ‘India, Learn From Past Kashmir Operations’

    Within hours of holding a mammoth rally in Lahore, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief flew off to Beijing on the...

  • Everyone’s Equal At The Maidan
    Everyone’s Equal At The Maidan

    A stunningly effective rally anoints Imran Khan as the leading hope for a new Pakistan

  • How About A Perma-Thaw?
    How About A Perma-Thaw?

    Pakistan’s military softens its stare at India. Cold tactical needs may have forced a smile.

  • A Decennary Of Misery
    A Decennary Of Misery

    Coerced into Bush’s ‘coalition of the willing’ post-9/11, Pakistan has been on a slow boil since

  • A Dandi For Isloo
    A Dandi For Isloo

    Pakistan’s India-myopic media dream of an Anna of their own

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