March 09, 2021

Manu Joseph

  • Runaway Razzle
    Runaway Razzle

    When the two sides clash, there's no such thing as a sure score, on the pitch or at the punter's pew

  • Straying In Pakistan, Every Week
    Straying In Pakistan, Every Week

    Captain takes guard; Mallu tokes; In tiger country; The hawks roost; The all-too-perfect host

  • Can We Go Get It?
    Can We Go Get It?

    Both can be fantastic, or fatalist. Raw aggression in their bowling. Cool calculation in our batting. One of...

  • Cannon Ball Fire
    Cannon Ball Fire

    For the PCB, it's $20 million that's at stake. For the BJP, it's the elections. But for the fans, it's just...

  • Eerie Does It...
    Eerie Does It...

    A man possessed, Ram Gopal Varma turns Formula on its head and revels in the noir

  • Say No To War
    Say No To War

    LoC has bombed. Other Kargil flicks run for cover.

  • The Generation Why
    The Generation Why

    Let's say they don't gel. Questions about India? This writhing lump of humanity, this vast brown terra...

  • All Cross About Things Going Downhill?
    All Cross About Things Going Downhill?

    So you think you know everything there is to know about the year gone by? Well, think again. Manu Joseph sets...

  • Clearvoyance

    BJP think-tank prepares for elections and the various issues it confronts and how it all confounds the...

  • Kill Bill Vol.1
    Kill Bill Vol.1

    For those who search for the higher lessons of life in movies, there is none here

  • India > 0
    India > 0

    There are no full stops here. All we are looking for are quote marks to define us.

  • The Truth, Not Out!
    The Truth, Not Out!

    Something about the Abhijit Kale affair doesn't make sense. Is he a victim? Updates

  • Virtuosity

    Some from the www underground are born again, as they realise the constructive potential of hacking

  • Under My Sun
    Under My Sun

    For touring teams, heat is just one of the playing XI in India. So's dust, food et al. No wonder the stars...

  • Match Point
    Match Point

    A big new contract, a tough new season. The prince is looking to swell his privy purse before he rides off...

  • Soft Dismissal
    Soft Dismissal

    Shah's free but not before Bollywood learns its lesson Updates

  • The Baseline Shift
    The Baseline Shift

    Cricket in India has reached saturation. Good news for the Dhanrajs and Bhagwats on the horizon.

  • The Mirror Cracked
    The Mirror Cracked

    An inept Mumbai police, plagued by a new strain of educated jehadis, await more terror Updates

  • Are 'They' Different?
    Are 'They' Different?

    Muslims come out against the blast, but the "secular fabric" is rent

  • When The Quiet One Weaves A Web
    When The Quiet One Weaves A Web

    Terror's new cells: motivated, educated, unseen

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