May 08, 2021

Manjula Padmanabhan

  • Black Treacle
    Black Treacle

    A stunning debut collection. Each of these stories is guaranteed to raise a sweat, a goose-pimple or at the...

  • Night Light
    Night Light

    An exceptionally well-written and sensibly argued book about that most insubstantial of human experiences

  • Central Lighting
    Central Lighting

    A lively flame of black humour reinvents the familiar Indian domestic farce, adding depth and pathos

  • Bookscape

    These are a few of the books which—for me, at any rate—never fail to tickle the chuckle bone

  • Plain Jane Tale
    Plain Jane Tale

    The plot is tedious, the dialogue gauche, the characters unconvincing

  • Candy Gloss
    Candy Gloss

    For the kind of reader who believes the right shampoo can save the world, this is the perfect book.

  • Bleached House Cat
    Bleached House Cat

    An unsuccesful foray on breezy-absurd territory where anything goes. You can't even take the author to court.

  • In Which Saeed Mirza Gives It Those Ones
    In Which Saeed Mirza Gives It Those Ones

    These halloas from an itinerant seeker call us to paths leading nowhere

  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort

    Low temperatures, fog and migratory visitors -- that's what winter in Delhi means for me

  • Downside Up!
    Downside Up!

    Like the best of authors, Kesavan peels the layers of our tired old world and reinvents it afresh

  • Frown Jewels
    Frown Jewels

    This thoroughly entertaining and informative book reminds us of the jewel we snatched from the British crown:...

  • Exotic Toxins
    Exotic Toxins

    Indians and Americans come together in these fables for our times that present both cultures as equally...

  • Hot Chills
    Hot Chills

    Smart, chic and deadly: the incomparable Modesty Blaise. But the edition isn't perfect.

  • Pass The Rice Gruel
    Pass The Rice Gruel

    Perhaps the book was intended to be subversive and heretical but the prose style renders the narrative as a...

  • Small Town, Big Heart
    Small Town, Big Heart

    The book is about the adrenaline rush of humdrum survival eked out within the casually chaotic,...

  • Escape From CP
    Escape From CP

    Connaught Place has become so decrepit it should be declared an art installation. Walking around was a...

  • Gorgondola Any Day
    Gorgondola Any Day

    No doubt the several translators have performed a heroic task, but the results are disappointing.

  • Of Fact And Fictoid
    Of Fact And Fictoid

    In which the reviewer imitates the book's technique, avoiding straightforward prose for "something more...

  • Homebody

    One of the primary differences between being a recluse at home versus a recluse in someone else's home is...

  • Homebody

    For a professional recluse like me, being immersed in a sea of anonymity is like walking into a cocktail...

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