October 23, 2020

Mallika Sarabhai

  • “Glass, Glass, And More Glass”
    “Glass, Glass, And More Glass”

    The cement walls, the horrendous and the hideous.

  • 'Understand The Spirit Of This Movement'
    'Understand The Spirit Of This Movement'

    Noted danseuse Maltlika Sarabhai protested Mr Hazare's 'endorsement of Narendra Modi's rural development,'...

  • Dear Shri Advani
    Dear Shri Advani

    As a proud Hindu and a proud Indian, I feel vilified by you. You have reduced the great Sanatana philosophy...

  • Communal Carnage
    Communal Carnage

    Presentation by media persons to the National Human Rights Commission of India, during their visit to...

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