March 09, 2021
Madhu Purnima Kishwar

Madhu Purnima Kishwar

  • Obstruction As Ideology
    Obstruction As Ideology

    NBA defines itself mainly through negative agendas – anti-dam, anti-liberalisation, anti-globalisation,...

  • The Angst Of Failed Jinnahs
    The Angst Of Failed Jinnahs

    On a day when yet another BJP leader was due to pay homage at the Jinnah mausoleum in Karachi, a day after...

  • A Winning Combination
    A Winning Combination

    Mufti's continuance as CM is a necessity — in the interest of India as well as in the enlightened...

  • Building Bridges Across Divides
    Building Bridges Across Divides

    What accounts for the new confidence displayed by the Indian government in dealing with Pakistan? What made...

  • Ladies' Coupé
    Ladies' Coupé

    Congress Party has proposed to increase the number of seats in the Lok Sabha to 900. Why not make it 1200? To...

  • Don't Romanticise Vigilante Justice
    Don't Romanticise Vigilante Justice

    The women of Nagpur have given us a warning that we cannot afford to ignore. Widespread endorsement of their...

  • The Paraya Dhan Mindset
    The Paraya Dhan Mindset

    Most of those protesting the latest proposed J&K Act have shown hardly any awareness that contemporary Hindu...

  • Who's Afraid Of WTO?
    Who's Afraid Of WTO?

    First world might be worried about MNCs shifting operations, leading to unemployment in their countries, but...

  • Nay Trade, Aye Aid?
    Nay Trade, Aye Aid?

    There is something comic about the Anti-Globalisation Brigade (AGBs) warning us about the evils of...

  • An Open Appeal To Mulayambhai
    An Open Appeal To Mulayambhai

    We are saddened to hear reports that the compromise formula you are proposing on the Alternative Women's...

  • The Alternative Bill
    The Alternative Bill

    Enhancing Women's Representation In Legislatures - An Alternative to the Government Bill for Women's...

  • The Alternative Advantages
    The Alternative Advantages

    This proposal had received enthusiastic endorsement by the Election Commission way back in January 2000 and...

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