June 23, 2021

Lesley A. Esteves

  • Roman Aroma
    Roman Aroma

    A beautifully created space in an enviable location, with good food and decent prices

  • Hey Pesto!
    Hey Pesto!

    Restaurateur Alok Aggarwal has some homework to do on the front that matters most—the food

  • Just Like Singapore
    Just Like Singapore

    A smattering of Thai dishes, and real Chinese food that's not Indi-Chinese.

  • Winged Feast
    Winged Feast

    When a restaurant is named for its most famous offering, the eponymous dish is usually the must-try

  • Meen Deviation
    Meen Deviation

    The cooks at Mahesh's Juhu branch, opened 25 years later, need to take some lessons at the original...

  • Harissa, Huzoor
    Harissa, Huzoor

    This new restaurant offers dishes you've never heard of before

  • Nightmare In O Block
    Nightmare In O Block

    She tells my broker: out on three counts -- woman, Christian, journalist. Outside, the broker implores me to...

  • Sausages In A Rosary
    Sausages In A Rosary

    The Mapusa market has the best Goan spices and spirits

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