June 23, 2021
Koenraad Elst

Koenraad Elst

  • Gandhi And Mandela
    Gandhi And Mandela

    Like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela deserves a nuanced assessment. There is more to both than merely being...

  • The Eminent Historians
    The Eminent Historians

    A group of them raised the stakes and turned a local communal deal into a clash of civilizations, a...

  • The BJP Hypocrisy
    The BJP Hypocrisy

    The Liberhan findings are shoddy and biased, but the report's malicious conclusion that the BJP leadership...

  • What If Rajiv Hadn't Unlocked Babri Masjid?
    What If Rajiv Hadn't Unlocked Babri Masjid?

    Fundamentally, his decision didn't alter the Ayodhya equation. But, then, his successors didn't continue his...

  • Vandalism Sanctified By Scripture
    Vandalism Sanctified By Scripture

    A response to Sanctified Vandalism As A Political Tool which had argued that propaganda to the contrary...

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