May 30, 2020

Kalpish Ratna

  • Excess Baggage
    Excess Baggage

    Priya Basil scavenges an olla podrida from the literary ragbag. Like love and smell, talent, or a lack of it,...

  • The Bonfire Of Sanity
    The Bonfire Of Sanity

    Disregards the art, and sullen craft, which make a novel tick. The trouble with this book is too much tell...

  • Pretty In Prose
    Pretty In Prose

    Revisiting the book that makes its author the youngest woman writer to win the prize

  • The Bleak House
    The Bleak House

    Seldom has the ambivalence of familial loyalties been more scathingly explored. Humour is refused, hope...

  • Living Epic
    Living Epic

    The prose cries out for editorial rescue. There are no epiphanies. Realism is perhaps the most difficult...

  • In An Antic Land
    In An Antic Land

    Desai's eye for detail is meticulous, but her rich fund of humour makes her images delightfully spontaneous....

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