June 22, 2021

Justin Podur

  • Hugo Chavez, Presente
    Hugo Chavez, Presente

    Chavez is irreplaceable, but he is also, undefeated. Viva Chavez!

  • The Morning After
    The Morning After

    Or perhaps one could call it the 'mourning after'. The first time around the Bush people acted without a...

  • South Asia, 'Stiffed'
    South Asia, 'Stiffed'

    Before Bush went to the United Nations, he promised that he would "tell the world" that Saddam Hussein was...

  • Letter To South Asians
    Letter To South Asians

    Every time I try to write to you, about this subcontinent of ours, I get afraid of being exposed for a fraud...

  • No Negotiations?
    No Negotiations?

    "I said no negotiations, and I mean no negotiations. You're harboring a terrorist. Turn him over."

  • Answers To Some Common Pro-War Arguments
    Answers To Some Common Pro-War Arguments

    The immediate threat, deterring terrorists, civilian harm, UN, Taliban and the Northern Alliance...

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