July 09, 2020

Jonathan Fenby

  • France Says “Non!” To Austerity
    France Says “Non!” To Austerity

    The victory of the Socialist François Hollande represents the biggest popular rejection of the austerity...

  • The Flop At Cannes
    The Flop At Cannes

    The timing and the reasons for G20's failure give it a particular resonance which is likely to affect both...

  • Searching For Trouble
    Searching For Trouble

    China is in no mood to take lessons from anybody, be it Google management, the Treasury or State department...

  • Uncertain Roadmap
    Uncertain Roadmap

    By bringing China, India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia together with the leaders of the developed world to discuss...

  • Union In Crisis
    Union In Crisis

    Buffeted by the worst recession in 50 years, the biggest and most successful pan-national venture of our time...

  • Non-Europeans Not Wanted
    Non-Europeans Not Wanted

    France backs the idea of "national champions" – rejecting Mittal. But then embracing the Russians whose...

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