April 10, 2020

Ira Pande

  • Capital Sins
    Capital Sins

  • Move On, Misra
    Move On, Misra

    Something like a law of diminishing returns operates on a love story repeated ad nauseam.

  • Tale Of An Agnes Aunt
    Tale Of An Agnes Aunt

    An adolescent girl's coming of age with a stunning mastery over the plot as well as haunting use of language...

  • Po-Mo Slims
    Po-Mo Slims

    Lacks a strong core, a quiet centre that can hold the reader in its coils. At best an e-mail wanting to be a...

  • Missionary Zeal
    Missionary Zeal

    However disarmingly displayed, the author and the protagonist's political naivete are embarrassing.

  • The Road To Mandalay
    The Road To Mandalay

    Amitav Ghosh's new novel is a tour-de-force, a sweeping epic about a forgotten land

  • The Sins Of The Father
    The Sins Of The Father

    A dirty old man's iniquity repels both his family-and the reader

  • No Heat, No Dust
    No Heat, No Dust

    Unable to change her fictive scape, Jhabvala loses edge

  • Painspotting

    Tribute to a remarkable writer

  • Richly Textured
    Richly Textured

    A sensitive tale of the coming of age of two nations

  • Channel Hopping
    Channel Hopping

    Making sense of Mandi House

  • Food Tales
    Food Tales

    A recipe book with a difference

  • Shades Of Maggie
    Shades Of Maggie

    An early gem from Chughtai's irreverent pen, translated sensitively

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