March 29, 2020

H.Y. Sharada Prasad

  • A Window On The Wall
    A Window On The Wall

    Quit India Prison Diary of a 19-year-old

  • Gobbling Up The Globe
    Gobbling Up The Globe

    Long back, one Sir Frederick Upcott had proclaimed his readiness to eat every pound of steel rails that...

  • Little Workers Of The World
    Little Workers Of The World

    While it may be an offence to hire a child under 14, there is no law, to the best of my understanding, that a...

  • Not Quite Literally
    Not Quite Literally

    Curiously unliterary, the book is a cross between a logbook and a do-it-yourself manual. It is difficult to...

  • Mrs G? Oh, We've Met Before
    Mrs G? Oh, We've Met Before

    Bhagat is neither catty nor chatty. There is nothing new about our Iron Lady here.

  • On Terra Lingua
    On Terra Lingua

    One of the most thought-provoking books on the Indian intellectual heritage to come out in recent times.

  • Silent Speaking
    Silent Speaking

    Published 22 years after his death, it discloses no secrets, washes no dirty linen, and breaks no idols. Not...

  • The Bird's Songbook
    The Bird's Songbook

    The grand little lady of music deserved a better book, but given how rare books on our musicians are, it's...

  • Chukku Coffee & MS Blue
    Chukku Coffee & MS Blue

    An iconic singer who despite her status is moored to humility and her husband's memories

  • Common Touch
    Common Touch

    R.K. Laxman is more than our foremost political cartoonist. He is a national habit.

  • Naming Game
    Naming Game

    What's in a name, after all? Much more than a calling

  • The Magician From Malgudi
    The Magician From Malgudi

    By staying away from the passing literary fads and fashions he remains a writer of longer relevance.

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