October 18, 2020

Hari Menon

  • Boarding Now
    Boarding Now

    The jacket image screams, “children’s section!” but the book itself will delight young adults

  • Be A Constant Gardener
    Be A Constant Gardener

    Hard focus and breezy persistence can win any woman

  • Bala Takes The Plunge
    Bala Takes The Plunge

    Reads exactly as if a mildly amusing set of blog posts has been stretched way beyond their capacity to...

  • The Sad Acres
    The Sad Acres

    It will entertain you as it charts the many weirdnesses of urban India. But not often enough to recommend...

  • Dork Tales
    Dork Tales

    Nothing else skewers corporate India’s assorted sillinesses so accurately. Or so funnily.

  • Whistle Stops
    Whistle Stops

    Can’t quite pull off the trick of stripping small-town India’s facade of apparent mundaneness to find...

  • All Surface
    All Surface

    A superficially clever work by a bright author with much better work in store.

  • Droll Connect
    Droll Connect

    This entertaining debut novel works not as a cricketing tale but as an entirely enjoyable romantic comedy

  • How The Supermarket Racks Were Won
    How The Supermarket Racks Were Won

    Chetan Bhagat's latest shows the first stirrings of maturity, but the gruel is thin enough

  • Gobbledygook

    Why do corporate types assume the tedious details of selling confectionery or detergent are as deeply...

  • On Manhood
    On Manhood

    A timely book that deserves to succeed and help establish the ground rules for understanding masculinity in...

  • Hallowed Portrait
    Hallowed Portrait

    More than just an IIT memoir—a sensitive coming-of-age account. Lovely set pieces, but no central character...

  • Prada, She Wears Not
    Prada, She Wears Not

    Drifts somewhere between bullet-pointed advisory and explanatory verbiage

  • Rider Of The Surf
    Rider Of The Surf

    Much like other IIM-lit, wastes early chapters in alarmingly self-congratulatory appraisal of the IIM grad

  • The Cat Who Missed The Cream
    The Cat Who Missed The Cream

    Wish she had brought her claws out. Instead the lady's intellectual baggage weighs her book down.

  • Inner Psyche
    Inner Psyche

    Succeeds as an account, both of a candid quest for true love and of a world that seems removed from the...

  • Being Mumbai
    Being Mumbai

    With a little help, the city can be the next Hong Kong

  • Nasal Passage
    Nasal Passage

    My midget-muzzled Madrasi submission to snouty Delhi: "You're bearable, even great fun. As long as I can cock...

  • By The Wag Of A Tale
    By The Wag Of A Tale

    A lesser writer would have succumbed to tear-jerking, but Grogan holds the humour and tells the story simply.

  • The Noun That Became A Verb
    The Noun That Became A Verb

    A fascinating insight into one of the world's most unusual and influential companies as it turns from being...

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