July 24, 2021

Gulu Ezekiel

  • Tied Up In Knots
    Tied Up In Knots

    Extract from Myth-Busting: Indian Cricket Behind the Headlines, forthcoming. Taken with permission from Rupa...

  • Now Batty, Now Ballsy
    Now Batty, Now Ballsy

    Lighter moments from World Cups come and gone...

  • 1,121 And Still Bats To Come
    1,121 And Still Bats To Come

  • Mad about Madras
    Mad about Madras

  • The Conjurer's Spell
    The Conjurer's Spell

    In the end, a young man buried his ghosts, restored Indian Test cricket pride, and yes, tamed the Kangaroos

  • The Royal Coming
    The Royal Coming

  • Testing Times
    Testing Times

  • Olympian Worries
    Olympian Worries

  • A Record Partnership, In Time
    A Record Partnership, In Time

    The Indo-Pak team that played in Colombo makes waves beyond cricket and raises hopes

  • The Lord's Miracle
    The Lord's Miracle

    Kapil Dev on the heady month in '83 when the 'hollow men' of one-day cricket came of age

  • Mercurial Raider
    Mercurial Raider

    Late-bloomer Dhanraj Pillay leads India's charge into the hockey big league

  • Vital Stats
    Vital Stats

    An attractive, informative recap

  • Wills Cricket World Cup 1996 Up For Grabs
    Wills Cricket World Cup 1996 Up For Grabs

    Though India and Australia may be frontrunners for many, the 1996 World Cup is perhaps the most open one in...

  • Optimism Rules
    Optimism Rules

    Rabin's death has ironically spurred Israeli peace moves

  • Grounds For Concern
    Grounds For Concern

    Are Delhi and Nagpur equipped to host World Cup ties?

  • Sporting a New Look
    Sporting a New Look

    Madras spruces up to take its place as India’s premier sports city

  • Greener Pastures
    Greener Pastures

    Increasing numbers of Indian sportsmen are going abroad to gain experience and build up a neat bank balance

  • Champions Again?
    Champions Again?

    A slow revival of fortunes raises hopes for the Indian hockey team

  • On A Golden Run
    On A Golden Run

    Sachin Tendulkar’s multi-million dollar contract with WorldTel marks the explosive entry of big money...

  • Fall Guy Forever
    Fall Guy Forever

    Sidhu finds himself in the eye of a storm he did not create

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