June 24, 2021

Girish Karnad

  • Why Has Naipaul Been Honoured?
    Why Has Naipaul Been Honoured?

    The noted playwright takes Landmark and Literature Alive to task: 'Do they mean to valorise Naipaul's stand...

  • A Court Rises To His Honour
    A Court Rises To His Honour

    A loving tribute to Satyadev Dubey catches his complex, contradictory persona, as well as his undimmed...

  • The Tumultuous Prophet
    The Tumultuous Prophet

    His own judges were the first to be baffled. A revolution was born on stage.

  • Abiding Shame
    Abiding Shame

    'If the Indian Government deports Taslima Nasrin, or holds her as an illegal alien, it will shame and...

  • This Is No Minor Episode
    This Is No Minor Episode

    It threatens the very principles which are basic to our civilization. If we do not act to prevent a possible...

  • Precisely, Shama
    Precisely, Shama

    Precise, ironic, engaging. A stylist who could unravel a whole tangle of relationships with a telling phrase,...

  • Blue Pencil Divinator
    Blue Pencil Divinator

    Ravi liked to ask questions and he expected answers that were lucid and logical. If God had a theory of this...

  • An Intimate Decor
    An Intimate Decor

    Ray, mostly aware of his mastery, but introspective and often assailed by self-doubt

  • 'An Occupational Hazard'
    'An Occupational Hazard'

    The former Chairman of the Sangeet Natak Akademi argues that if the current chairperson 'were to be removed...

  • Hamlet Of The East
    Hamlet Of The East

    Guru Dutt was a man who tried too hard, and ended up being too harsh on himself

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