June 25, 2021

Geetika Mantri

  • Eclectica

    What to read. What to watch. Whom to follow.

  • Arti Jaiman
    Arti Jaiman

    The station director of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz talks about community radio practices, uncooperative authorities and...

  • ‘Rohingyas Issue Isn’t Political In India’
    ‘Rohingyas Issue Isn’t Political In India’

    Ravi Hemadri, DAJI Director, talks about Rohingyas in India, lack of media coverage and resettlement issues.

  • Sonam Wangchuk
    Sonam Wangchuk

    The man who led education reforms in Ladakh talks about innovation and Indian education

  • An Evening With Modi Baiters
    An Evening With Modi Baiters

    Not your typical ranting session.

  • Mobile Nation Mystery
    Mobile Nation Mystery

    Why are e-com firms suddenly in a tizzy to go mobile-first?

  • Mickey Singh
    Mickey Singh

    The Indo-American pop artist talks about his music, fashion label and more.

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