June 06, 2020

Geeta Doctor

  • Choice Of Warrior Fare
    Choice Of Warrior Fare

    Even the Terracotta Warriors would have blinked and shouted “Gambey!”.

  • What Does Madras Bleed For?
    What Does Madras Bleed For?

    Chennai turns 375 even as the old and the new stay ‘gridlocked by progress’

  • As The Heavens Descend
    As The Heavens Descend

    ‘Style, Sizzle and Savour’. Chennai’s Bombay Brasserie wins on all three counts.

  • Sarong Fried, With Teh Tarik
    Sarong Fried, With Teh Tarik

    If you are AWOL from a healthy diet, head straight for New Town.

  • Mathsya Of Madras
    Mathsya Of Madras

    Even Vishnu in his mathsya avatar must be puzzled at what’s being dished out in his name.

  • Mount Road Montage
    Mount Road Montage

    An affectionate biography of the city now known as Chennai that the author likes to call Madras

  • As Kites Would See Them
    As Kites Would See Them

    One of our greats, Ramaswamy's stories are an ironic take on modernity’s slow ingress into traditional ways...

  • Peacocks And Sushi
    Peacocks And Sushi

    Mr N. Yamauchi does not speak much. He lets the food do the talking at Dahlia.

  • Nostalgia Bites
    Nostalgia Bites

    Expect to pay Rs 2,000 a head, but every delicate mouthful is worth the cream and calories.

  • God Flips Cigarettes To His Lips
    God Flips Cigarettes To His Lips

    Those who know what it is to be elevated into ecstasy by the first-day-first-show electricity of a Rajni film...

  • Captain Hook’s Retreat
    Captain Hook’s Retreat

    “It’s all about sustainable fishing,” explains M. Mahadevan, popularly known as Hot Breads Mahadevan

  • Mylaporeans

    The name sticks in your throat but Tirumurti tells his story with verve.

  • Flower Power On Lava Stone
    Flower Power On Lava Stone

    ‘Cuisinez avec des fleurs’, which means cooking with flowers in French, is Chef Nimrat Pahwa’s...

  • Devotedly Chewing The Rind
    Devotedly Chewing The Rind

    Ghosh is too much the guest who stayed on for dinner and breakfast to be anything but polite. He never takes...

  • That Warm Gooey Feeling
    That Warm Gooey Feeling

    A perfect rendezvous for seduction by chocolate.

  • Drupka’s Magic Wand
    Drupka’s Magic Wand

    Pavan Varma treats agony and burn-out in Bhutan—land of snowy peaks, cloudy legends and nirvanic allure

  • More’s The Mess
    More’s The Mess

    Madurai veerans on one side, Chettiars on the other. Koothu parotta or your life?

  • Tabletalk, And Types Listening
    Tabletalk, And Types Listening

    Is it a bar? Is it a retro restaurant with an old piano in a corner and a tiny dance floor that used to be a...

  • Riding The Black Horse
    Riding The Black Horse

    If you've been dying to eat your scrambled eggs on toast wearing green coloured wooden spectacle frames, but...

  • Lumpy Proletariat Strikes
    Lumpy Proletariat Strikes

    The jaw-dropping apotheosis of the much-abused upma

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