May 04, 2021

Geeta Doctor

  • Anil Dharker Diary
    Anil Dharker Diary

    A slender beau right out of Botticelli, a pocket intellectual, a spritz of glitter in Bombay soirees with a...

  • Reflections Diary: Indus To Istanbul
    Reflections Diary: Indus To Istanbul

    A calligraphed memory from exactly sixty years ago, when Nehru went on his last trip to Pakistan—to sign...

  • The Lota Diary
    The Lota Diary

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    In Outlook this week, a diary from Goa.

  • Chennai Diary
    Chennai Diary

  • Gods Spoke To Them
    Gods Spoke To Them

    A collection of Thanjavur paintings is seen afresh as objects of worship, not as mere things of beauty

  • Epic Sound Of Thunder
    Epic Sound Of Thunder

    The Adishakti group brings alive a myth from the Ramayana

  • Quinoa Tikkis, Wattalapam...
    Quinoa Tikkis, Wattalapam...

    Cafe Mercara Express at ITC Chola has one mantra: 'Carefully selected. Mindfully prepared.'

  • Chennai Diary
    Chennai Diary

    The fragrance of jasmine fills the air with a sweetness that brings to mind images of clouds and birds and...

  • Sweeping, Short Maps
    Sweeping, Short Maps

    A vast swathe of stories speak of Tamil life and its loud silences

  • All About Ashoka
    All About Ashoka

    For the rest of the world, Abhinandan is still the best place for a veg thali meal.

  • A Depression Will Not Sink Them
    A Depression Will Not Sink Them

    A Biblical deluge has engulfed Chennai. The amazing spirit of its people keeps it afloat.

  • That Flash In Granny’s Pan
    That Flash In Granny’s Pan

    In a sense, these happen to be love stories involving strange encounters with food.

  • No One Resists The Bedai
    No One Resists The Bedai

    There’s everything from the lowly samosas to chaats, and heav­ily spiced kachoris, the confetti-like...

  • Mightier Than The Pen
    Mightier Than The Pen

    Murad Ali Baig raises the sibling rivalry between the sons of Shah Jahan to epic heights in this new...

  • Toast In The Garden
    Toast In The Garden

    A cafe that feels like home.

  • Just Change The Gears
    Just Change The Gears

    Variations on the theme of pasta and pizza with all manner of fizzy, frothy drinks whipped and stirred in...

  • “Houses Or Concrete Pillboxes?”
    “Houses Or Concrete Pillboxes?”

    Chennai's brutish architectural travesties.

  • The 2-Min Mind
    The 2-Min Mind

    Reliving those magic masala moments.

  • With Some Candied Garlic
    With Some Candied Garlic

    One of the Aravali Pavilion’s aims is to mix and match Indian dishes with a more Conti style of...

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