June 04, 2020
G. Rajaraman

G. Rajaraman

  • Seems A Glad Season
    Seems A Glad Season

    India's series win in England was a team effort. Will it endure? More Coverage

  • The One-Off Badshahs
    The One-Off Badshahs

    More misses than hits. Worse, we live too comfortably with our failures.

  • Zaheer, Blow-Up
    Zaheer, Blow-Up

    A comeback story unravelling well. The left-arm pacer's been brilliant in England.

  • Be A Sport, Da
    Be A Sport, Da

    Be it chess champs or athletes, the south has more. How come?

  • Better Duck This Bouncer
    Better Duck This Bouncer

    Most choose to play the Sunny story safe

  • Too Many Dot Balls
    Too Many Dot Balls

    Gavaskar's long been a part of the Indian cricket establishment. Has it been worth it?

  • Pad Up, Places To Go
    Pad Up, Places To Go

    Team India puts its foot down on the coach issue. Right man for the right job?

  • Game Theory Qualms
    Game Theory Qualms

    As chairman, Kapil Dev is gushing about the Indian Cricket League, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm

  • Pucca For Dacca?
    Pucca For Dacca?

    Our selectors are only Indian: still dithering on team selection

  • Tough Love... Mate
    Tough Love... Mate

    Villain or victim? Greg Chappell's legacy won't be wished away easily.

  • The Fog Lightens
    The Fog Lightens

    Various strands in Woolmer's murder probe point to the role of match-fixers

  • "On Moral Grounds, Sharad Pawar Should Resign"

    The former India captain and manager says the focus of board officials on filling the BCCI's coffers has only...

  • A 22-Yard Gash
    A 22-Yard Gash

    The knives are out, Team India at its nadir. What can a ex-players' brains trust suggest for the future?

  • Down The WC
    Down The WC

    Now, a billion blues. Even before the Cup begins in earnest, India is out of it.

  • 'No Favourite In The Top 8, Aussies May Reach Semis'
    'No Favourite In The Top 8, Aussies May Reach Semis'

    'There are going to be some results that are not going to be in keeping with the rankings chart. We have a...

  • The Blue Lagaan
    The Blue Lagaan

    Team India goes to the Caribbean on a hope and a prayer. Will they give their fans a chance to relive the '83...

  • Eleven = One
    Eleven = One

    Chappell chants his theme: the personal must yield to the collective

  • Catch The Last Quatrain
    Catch The Last Quatrain

    Four veterans get into battle gear to claim a place in World Cup history

  • For Form's Sake
    For Form's Sake

    Young Turks are on the prowl. But Virender Sehwag isn't wasting his time in a big sulk.

  • The Bridge To Life
    The Bridge To Life

    The blend of religious and regular education is changing the face of the Andhra madrassas

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