June 13, 2021

Farrukh Dhondy

  • Still Loving Him
    Still Loving Him

    If I could speak to the late Farokh Balsara, it would be to ask him, “What’s a nice Parsi boy like you...

  • Marzban’s Dark Laughter
    Marzban’s Dark Laughter

    A nostalgic compendium chronicles the febrile energy of Parsi natak and its maestros, its encores and last...

  • Bawa As Barmecide
    Bawa As Barmecide

    Zoroastrian joie de vivre adds to the zest

  • Like Karna, Like Zaheer
    Like Karna, Like Zaheer

    Sledging reflects current geopolitical realities, but belies its epic roots

  • Does Willy Get It Wilfully Wrong?
    Does Willy Get It Wilfully Wrong?

    Or is it willy nilly? In any case, William Dalrymple's political project, his vaunted correction of V.S....

  • What Sir Vidia Actually Said
    What Sir Vidia Actually Said

    The encounter at the exit got the headlines, but not what transpired at the meeting ... Did he still condemn...

  • Shuddup

  • Daily Bread
    Daily Bread

  • Dhishoom

  • Iskander

  • Four Parables & A Lie
    Four Parables & A Lie

    The great Indian diaspora is more Indian than great

  • "There's Not Much Support From India"

    The literary fugitive wants to visit the country of his birth and take in the smells, noise and atmosphere...

  • Bombay Dak
    Bombay Dak

  • Paoon

  • Chakka

  • Buk Buk
    Buk Buk

  • Bhaunk

  • Tir

  • Peon

  • 420

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