April 12, 2021

Fakir Mohan Pradhan

  • Electoral Rebuff
    Electoral Rebuff

    There was a sigh of relief across the board, with the first phase of polling passing relatively peacefully,...

  • Profile Of Failure
    Profile Of Failure

    "We can fire Agni missiles from Balasore, but can’t build a kilometre-long bridge." Even before Naveen...

  • Fragile State
    Fragile State

    The reality of the abduction of the Italians is that it is little more than an incident of opportunity—...

  • Body Blow
    Body Blow

    Does Mamata Banerjee have the vision and the will to see the present confrontation through to its logical...

  • Does Fire Burn?
    Does Fire Burn?

    Political duplicity, opportunism and sheer stupidity have contributed as much to the growth and consolidation...

  • Still At War
    Still At War

    Despite two months of intense combing operations by more than 4,000 troops in Lalgarh and its adjacent areas,...

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