October 18, 2020

David Vest

  • It's Not The Oil, It's The Art!
    It's Not The Oil, It's The Art!

    What a choice: either our field commanders are so ignorant and lacking in judgment they make George W. Bush...

  • "OK, We Surrender"

    Or "Come Out With Your Hands Up, W". Desperate measures for desperate times. If this was an actual war we'd...

  • Code Bleu
    Code Bleu

    The French presidential election can be variously construed.

  • Hail To The Chaff
    Hail To The Chaff

    Coming Soon: Tonya Harding vs. Tom Friedman

  • Grammy Ham 'n Jam
    Grammy Ham 'n Jam

    Here's what it has all come down to: a studio pick-up band of session players took home the Grammy for Album...

  • Skate Date
    Skate Date

    These 5-4 votes are too hard on our nerves. Think of the chaos if we conducted presidential elections this...

  • The Reagan Clone Project
    The Reagan Clone Project

    Should we be delighted by the triumphant production of "Copycat," the kitten newly cloned at Texas A&M...

  • The Enron Creature
    The Enron Creature

    Here is the basic equation to bear in mind: Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are to Enron as Bush and Cheney are...

  • Everyone Says I Loathe You
    Everyone Says I Loathe You

    I should have know better than to answer the phone this late on a Friday afternoon. It was my old friend and...

  • Bush: The Great Transformation
    Bush: The Great Transformation

    Ten things we don't need polls to tell us about George W. Bush, who has suddenly been transformed in the...

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