October 30, 2020

Bruce Stokes

  • How A Terror Attack Could Affect US Polls
    How A Terror Attack Could Affect US Polls

    In a survey, most said that defending the nation against terrorism should be the top priority for the...

  • Danger And Division
    Danger And Division

    Obama's biggest challenge may be to bridge the divides among the American people and with America’s allies.

  • It's The Economy <i>Again</i>, Stupid!
    It's The Economy Again, Stupid!

    Two decades after Bill Clinton won the US presidency largely on the strength of a simple campaign message:...

  • It's The Sentiment, Stupid
    It's The Sentiment, Stupid

    A Pew survey suggests that optimism of the emerging economies could help spur global growth

  • Both Hero And Villain
    Both Hero And Villain

    Any assessment of the global public’s take on America during the Obama era depends on whether it’s a...

  • Race To The Top
    Race To The Top

    World’s best and brightest are less keen to study, work or stay in the US. The first real competition for...

  • Turning Its Back On The World
    Turning Its Back On The World

    A majority, 58 percent, of Americans now believe that the United States should pay less attention to problems...

  •  More Smoke Than Fire
    More Smoke Than Fire

    WikiLeaks more resemble Hollywood gossip published by the tabloid press – titillating , immediately...

  • Time To Deliver
    Time To Deliver

    No one expects Obama to resolve longstanding problems overnight. But his first few months in office are a...

  • Global Divide
    Global Divide

    Obama is the overwhelming favorite of people outside the United States. But only Americans get to vote. Those...

  • The Loneliest Job In The World?
    The Loneliest Job In The World?

    In Post-9/11 World, the next US president, who will inherit a tarnished America, and a legacy of the Bush...

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