February 19, 2020

Biswadeep Ghosh

  • Kipling Revisited
    Kipling Revisited

    A story about the story of Kim

  • Rama Retold
    Rama Retold

    A dance drama uses modern metaphors to tell an old tale

  • Michael Day
    Michael Day

    The chairman of Tiger Trust, a pressure group, foresees the Indian tigers extinction

  • Looking Through Blake
    Looking Through Blake

    The English poet remembers Dom, is impressed by Seth, and marvels about Narayan

  • Sounds Of Success
    Sounds Of Success

    Biddu directs a stunning trio on the road to stardom

  • Portrait Of An Artist
    Portrait Of An Artist

    Upendra Maharathi's contribution to Indian art is much ignored

  • Of Duality
    Of Duality

    A well-crafted narrative

  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge

    Concise, brilliantly unrestrained

  • Fusion Failure
    Fusion Failure

  • Anthem Of Fame
    Anthem Of Fame

    A Bombay-born pop singer in Canada hits big time

  • The Moor's New High
    The Moor's New High

    New books, essays, public appearances—Rushdie's flourishing

  • Variations Of The Same Rhythm
    Variations Of The Same Rhythm

    Tradition and modernity fuse to fuel the creativity of Ustad Alla Rakha and his sons

  • The Star Raider
    The Star Raider

    Political and media opinion polarises as the world's top takeover tycoon sets his sights on India

  • Funny Stuff
    Funny Stuff

    More Lankan anecdotes

  • Randhir Kapoor
    Randhir Kapoor

    The inheritor of Raj Kapoors legacy discusses life after Prem Granth

  • Unknown Citizen
    Unknown Citizen

    A scrutiny of ordinary lives

  • Phoolan Devi
    Phoolan Devi

    From Bandit Queen to ballot queen, Phoolan discusses her new political role

  • The Hidden Stream
    The Hidden Stream

    A novel which argues that not all is within human comprehension

  • Midlife Blues
    Midlife Blues

    Humour in depressive mode

  • Wrestling For An Electoral Advantage
    Wrestling For An Electoral Advantage

    Politicians do the rounds of 'akharas' in search of beefy bodyguards and booth capturers

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