March 09, 2021

Bhavdeep Kang

  • Analyse This
    Analyse This

    The AICC panel looking into the party's rout moots the alliance mantra

  • Perestroika!

    Introspection, strategising, revamp. Congress mulls over its all-too-familiar mantras.

  • Lone Ranger Dikshit
    Lone Ranger Dikshit

    Delhi was its saving grace. Lessons for the party: woo allies, campaign better.

  • Diggy's Iffy
    Diggy's Iffy

    Power, water crises and bad roads propel Uma forward

  • Pro-Incumbency Factor
    Pro-Incumbency Factor

    Dikshit ends her tenure with a bang. Can she pull along her MLAs for another go?

  • Nemesis Lady?
    Nemesis Lady?

    Anti-incumbency and a stringent EC may yet hamper Digvijay's election-management to Uma's advantage Updates

  • Whose Pitch Spins?
    Whose Pitch Spins?

    When it comes to selling the Big Idea, the BJP is miles ahead. Reason: its focused strategising, glib...

  • Origins, Destinations
    Origins, Destinations

    Sonia's origins still come to haunt her—she won't gulp it down quietly anymore

  • Devils Inc.
    Devils Inc.

    The hard-working urban middle class sees politicians as the antithesis of its values

  • A Blanket For The Banished
    A Blanket For The Banished

    Thousands die of the cold on Delhi's streets every winter. There may be a little warmth this time.

  • When A Going Gets Tough
    When A Going Gets Tough

    The storm's blown over, for the moment. Joshi's back in government if not back in favour with his partymen...

  • Fruits Of Collective Dreaming
    Fruits Of Collective Dreaming

    Floating on cycles, daredevis of this Chhattisgarh district storm many stony male bastions

  • Dark Room Tactics
    Dark Room Tactics

    Mulayam gets the crown after eight long years, but it could well be one of thorns Updates

  • On The Move
    On The Move

    It was an impressive if futile performance. But Sonia will need more to pull her party and the Opposition...

  • Liquid Mercies
    Liquid Mercies

    Rain plays the knight to CMs in distress Diggy and Gehlot. Will the poll gods fall for them too?

  • Vaulting Ambition
    Vaulting Ambition

    In 2021, is it going to be a new-look Delhi or an urban chaos?

  • On Popular Demand
    On Popular Demand

    Some gaffes apart, Priyanka has the gift of bonding with people. But she is yet to say a firm 'I Do' to...

  • Goddess Of Many Hands
    Goddess Of Many Hands

    The Shimla message: the Congress is willing to go beyond its one-horse cart, but with Sonia as charioteer...

  • End Of Soliloquy?
    End Of Soliloquy?

    In a break from Pachmarhi, at Shimla the party mulls over electoral alliances and sharing power at the Centre

  • Sangh-Froid

    The RSS puts its weight squarely behind the VHP, short-circuits any compromise on Kashi and Mathura. Updates

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