August 10, 2020

Bharat Ahluwalia

  • Running Cricket Into The Ground
    Running Cricket Into The Ground

    Rolling in crores, the BCCI is a money-minting behemoth. A PIL seeks to get them to play cricket.

  • What's The Big Idea?
    What's The Big Idea?

    Assets and liabilities are Greek to the dotcom business. Just bet on NASDAQ's favourite horse.

  • India's Top Websites
    India's Top Websites

    Why do we like our websites? A valuation. Also, an Outlook-MDRA poll on top websites

  • One Way Ticket
    One Way Ticket

    The dominance of the web is making travel agents crawl

  • I Want My Dotcom
    I Want My Dotcom

    Forget Y2K. E-commerce is what cyberczars are looking at now to maintain topline growth in the software...

  • The Switch Is On/off...
    The Switch Is On/off...

    Plans to corporatise the SEB by trifurcating it has the employees UP in arms, but the state is a test case on...

  • Thinking Small, Thinking Big
    Thinking Small, Thinking Big

    Cheap capital can't happen now but the PPF rate cut is the right step in that direction

  • Running Out Of Gas
    Running Out Of Gas

    Size apart, the Auto Expo fails to do justice to its star billing

  • From The Transhuman Planet
    From The Transhuman Planet

    Technology will make human beings their own ancestors

  • "The Future Lies In Personalised Cars"

    It's only been 11 months since Jacques Nasser, an Australian of Lebanese descent, took over as president and...

  • The First 100 Days
    The First 100 Days

    Vajpayee's trial starts now. He has to go the whole hog to clear the economic mess.

  • Hot Wheels On The Horizon
    Hot Wheels On The Horizon

    What’s that on your rear-view mirror? Three models that will reconfigure the mid-sized segment.

  • Just Sibling Rivalry
    Just Sibling Rivalry

    On the economy, the Congress and the NDA echo each other

  • Ntp For Dummies
    Ntp For Dummies

    In India, telecom news equals bad news. First we had Sukh Ram's excesses, then Jagmohan who dealt with...

  • End Of The Licence Raj
    End Of The Licence Raj

    The new telecom policy brings relief to private operators crushed under the burden of huge licence fee arrears

  • Dial T For Transfer
    Dial T For Transfer

    Jagmohan gets the boot for holding the telecom policy to ransom

  • Sole Provider
    Sole Provider

    Muktesh Pant, Reebok’s man in India, takes his running shoes to the fast track in Boston

  • Thrown Out Of Gear
    Thrown Out Of Gear

    Car makers struggling out of a recession are rabbit-punched by a Supreme Court ruling

  • "We Are Bullish About India"

    Bharat Ahluwalia spoke to corporate America's latest star Kenneth Irvine Chenault on board his Gulf Stream 4...

  • Wrong Number, TRAI Again
    Wrong Number, TRAI Again

    In its fight against the establishment, the TRAI -and consumers - have lost round one

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