May 17, 2021

Bhaichand Patel

  • Jodhpur Diary
    Jodhpur Diary

    The only person wearing a jodhpur in Jodhpur was the cultural attache of the Spanish embassy...

  • Festival Of Lightness
    Festival Of Lightness

    Khushwant’s largeness of heart easily accommodated his few weaknesses

  • Masala In The Mahal
    Masala In The Mahal

    A heady mix of sex, glamour, decadence, duplicity and intrigues...

  • Bling Are The People
    Bling Are The People

    Readers with delicate sensibilities are warned; there are profanities and kinky activities aplenty here!

  • On The Sea, The Open Sea
    On The Sea, The Open Sea

    This is an interesting misadventure. Sudarshan is a fine writer who holds readers’ attention, but up to a...

  • Star-Spangled Melancholia
    Star-Spangled Melancholia

    A page-turner, a no-holds-barred biography, warts and all.

  • Their Butterfly Loves
    Their Butterfly Loves

    'Making sense of life and love' sums up the angst of the 23 women who inhabit this collection of connected...

  • Cameos Adrift In The Mist
    Cameos Adrift In The Mist

    Sarna’s prose is precise and economical, as it should be in short stories. It is also elegant.

  • Fundamentally Wrong
    Fundamentally Wrong

    Guha is wrong, ‘Hindu fundamentalist’ is an oxymoron

  • Kasauli Diary
    Kasauli Diary

    Thanks to the army’s control of much of the town, it has not gone the way of hill stations like Shimla and...

  • Jazz Nocturne
    Jazz Nocturne

    Often amusing, moves along briskly

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Those who were not mentioned in Vinod Mehta’s book were probably the luckier ones. Kamal Nath left early...

  • Light Gourmet
    Light Gourmet

    Should make a nice gift at the festive season for someone who wants to move from serving daal-chawal-sabzi to...

  • Oft Sketched Portraits, Newly Coloured
    Oft Sketched Portraits, Newly Coloured

    These old articles on famous people add little, but are lit up by a less-known scapegrace

  • Stand By For A Stet
    Stand By For A Stet

    The charmingly old-fashioned and admired Jug Suraiya has written a funny and perceptive account of his career

  • The Patriarch, The Prince, And A Meteor
    The Patriarch, The Prince, And A Meteor

    Books on Saigal, R.D. Burman and A.R. Rahman replay much of our public soundtracks

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    I love this city. Delhi is green, Mumbai is treeless. And here, it doesn't matter whether you are from Bihar...

  • Twist Karaoed
    Twist Karaoed

    Some of the essays are quite awful but the elegant prose of others makes this book worth the price

  • Stood Up And Delivered
    Stood Up And Delivered

    1960s Delhi: staid. Swinging London was a candy shop!

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    All the great Mughal emperors, except Jahangir, have major boulevards named after them. He was given a mere...

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