September 27, 2020

Azhar Abbas

  • Battle Rejoined
    Battle Rejoined

    The army and the MQM face off as violence in Karachi escalates

  • The Twice Displaced
    The Twice Displaced

    Biharis, who went to Pakistan via Bangladesh, are still unsettled detritus. Their story.

  • Sufferers & Survivors
    Sufferers & Survivors

    These are the stories of women, children, everyman; of the pain and trauma of being uprooted--an account of...

  • Against All Odds
    Against All Odds

    Benazir Bhutto’s chances hinge on a perceptible sympathy wave and aggrieved Sindhi nationalism

  • Sharif Ahead
    Sharif Ahead

  • "I Cannot Be Politically Eliminated From Pakistan"
    "I Cannot Be Politically Eliminated From Pakistan"

    In her first interview to an Indian publication after her dismissal, Benazir Bhutto accuses President Farooq...

  • Leghari’s Law
    Leghari’s Law

    It is still uncertain who will be eligible for the February polls

  • A Temporary Reprieve
    A Temporary Reprieve

    The IMF decision to release funds to the nation gives Benazir breathing space. But for how long?

  • Benazir’s Ascent To Catastrophe
    Benazir’s Ascent To Catastrophe

    A family tragedy has turned into a political nightmare for Benazir Bhutto. Will her government survive?

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