November 27, 2020

Azhar Abbas

  • Two Ways To Harakiri
    Two Ways To Harakiri

    Nawaz Sharif is caught between the IMF and his political future  

  • My Neighbour, My Foe
    My Neighbour, My Foe

    Pakistanis rue their defeat in a match worth more than the Cup

  • Raising The Pitch
    Raising The Pitch

    India goes on offensive as hopes of an early peace diminish

  • Pakistan/ Peshawar
    Pakistan/ Peshawar

  • Pakistan/ Karachi
    Pakistan/ Karachi

  • 22 Yards To Peace
    22 Yards To Peace

    They can't agree on Kashmir yet, but they can agree on cricket. Will squabbling diplomats pad up now?

  • 'Play The Game To Fight The Goons'
    'Play The Game To Fight The Goons'

    Pakistani fans are all spunk as they see India on the backfoot

  • Karachi Cracks Up
    Karachi Cracks Up

    Admitting that militants have drawn up a 'hit list', Sharif moves to clean up the city. Is he too late?

  • No Freedom From Fatwa?
    No Freedom From Fatwa?

    The Iranian government may have distanced itself from the fatwa against Rushdie, but fundamentalists haven't

  • Line Of No Control
    Line Of No Control

    Intense border shelling and an ever-widening loop of militancy bring Kashmir to flashpoint

  • Running On Empty
    Running On Empty

    Economic collapse looms large with Islamabad on the verge of defaulting on debt repayments

  • Five Weeks To Disaster?
    Five Weeks To Disaster?

    Sanctions, dipping forex reserves, high debt spell economic doom

  • The Day The Music Died
    The Day The Music Died

    Mumbai's cultural liberalism takes a beating as Sainiks target everything Pakistani

  • Man Of Too Many Parts
    Man Of Too Many Parts

    Enemy, scream right-wingers. Man of peace, say Dilip Kumar fans. Pasha of Peshawar, say...

  • Penalty For Love
    Penalty For Love

    An inter-community love saga highlights Karachi's ethnic divide

  • Taliban Rules Over Cricket
    Taliban Rules Over Cricket

    A 19-year-old gives up his worldly ways for the cause

  • Lessons In Jehad
    Lessons In Jehad

    The madrassahs, flocked by students, are the training ground—for Islamic learning and militancy

  • Karachi Catwalk
    Karachi Catwalk

    A new breed of designers makes waves, thanks to a young westernised clientele and celebrity customers

  • A One-Man Jury
    A One-Man Jury

    Sharif threatens to poach on judicial turf, rattling the bench

  • The Second Innings
    The Second Innings

    Asif Zardari is formally indicted in Murtaza Bhutto's murder

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