June 12, 2021

Ather Farouqui

  •  'It Is Majoritarianism That Needs To Be Contested'
    'It Is Majoritarianism That Needs To Be Contested'

    'I have always questioned the secularism-communalism divide in India’s political discourse as a false...

  • Riyadh Diary
    Riyadh Diary

    Whether one travels ‘cattle class’ or business class from Delhi to Riyadh, one encounters boorish,...

  • The Gentle Zephyr
    The Gentle Zephyr

    Captures the intricate problems that beset the Mughal dynasty. An attempt to understand the concept of India...

  • Who's The Real Muslim?
    Who's The Real Muslim?

    Vinod Mehta's take on the Muslim image problem is symptomatic of the English media malaise

  • The Distortionists
    The Distortionists

    A journalist of Vinod Mehta's eminence should not simplistically hold Muslims responsible for the way Hindus...

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