October 27, 2020

Ashok K. Mehta

Maj Gen (Retd.)

  • Brussels Diary
    Brussels Diary

    If you were to visit Brussels today, you couldn't tell that, for nearly a year, Belgium has not had a...

  • Dhaka Diary
    Dhaka Diary

    Last time, I visited Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, it was as part of the Indian Army Liberation Forces,...

  • Pulling Punches
    Pulling Punches

    Says nothing new on the malaise in Indian strategic and defence planning

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    During my October 2010 club crawl, I counted ten of the best military and civilian clubs, cheek by jowl on...

  • Kabul Diary
    Kabul Diary

    Kabul Intercontinental is packed with Afghan seminarists debating ‘Empowering Afghan Press for Transitional...

  • Pincer Island
    Pincer Island

    Only a political solution can end dogged LTTE hope for another fight

  • Fresh Air Of Freedom
    Fresh Air Of Freedom

  • 'Gentlemen, There'll Be No More Retreat'
    'Gentlemen, There'll Be No More Retreat'

    Sam Bahadur was India's First Soldier, ever the general, ever the showman

  • Square The Triangle
    Square The Triangle

    Here's looking at the crisis behaviour of two nuclear neighbours and the somewhat exaggerated role of US

  • Ice Station Siachen
    Ice Station Siachen

    The Siachen issue's origins and the reality—where the elements exact as much glory as do enemy troops

  • Patloon Uzbekistani
    Patloon Uzbekistani

  • Bee In The Beard
    Bee In The Beard

  • Wrest Assured
    Wrest Assured

    Karlekar fears Bangladesh will become another Afghanistan under Taliban. Few in Delhi will disagree. And the...

  • Wrapped In Myth
    Wrapped In Myth

  • Play It Again, Sam
    Play It Again, Sam

    A tribute to the man whose wit was as astounding as his military skill

  • Swimming the Sky
    Swimming the Sky

  • Perfect Condition
    Perfect Condition

  • The Day Of The General
    The Day Of The General

    The memoirs of a fine field commander plugs a gap in military writings

  • Retreat Of War
    Retreat Of War

  • Arms And The Man
    Arms And The Man

    Engaging, entertaining; a barbecue of memories

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