March 03, 2021

Ashis K. Biswas

  • Mercury Rising
    Mercury Rising

    A life on the edge. Too many people, too little time and space. Urban India is suffering from bouts of rage...

  • In Search Of The Iraqi Pie
    In Search Of The Iraqi Pie

    Business as usual. India's going all out to 'lend a hand' in rebuilding Iraq, but there's a long queue...

  • Finger Lickin' Good
    Finger Lickin' Good

    The food business is in full flavour, tickling Indian taste buds and keeping the cash tills jingling like...

  • The Working Drones
    The Working Drones

    Ex-unionists head state units. But can they pull up labour, push up productivity?

  • Fresh Veins
    Fresh Veins

    An SC order brings hope to Jharia residents and their 70-year-old burns

  • Red Ants In Their Whey
    Red Ants In Their Whey

    CPI(M) cadre run riot in a bid for all-out victory in the state panchayat polls

  • To Tame The UFOs
    To Tame The UFOs

    Panic and confusion apart, the only positive thing: it's not a superspreader in India Updates

  • Sickle-Cell Anaemia
    Sickle-Cell Anaemia

    Globalisation has done them in. The only ray of light hobbling towards trade unions comes from the...

  • 'We Have Nothing Against Asitabha-da, But...
    'We Have Nothing Against Asitabha-da, But...

    Shunned by his family and neighbours, Kolkata's first victim of the virus suffers for no fault of his

  • On Either Side Of The Hooghly
    On Either Side Of The Hooghly

    In Calcutta, public interest gets a boost from the courts thanks to a 54-year-old CA

  • Bengal's Black Renaissance
    Bengal's Black Renaissance

  • Ethnic Bloodlines
    Ethnic Bloodlines

    The colour red may prevail if the old genie isn't reawakened

  • Estranged Pilgrims
    Estranged Pilgrims

    The fuzzy border on the east again crackles with acrimony, but it all ends quietly. Or does it? More...

  • Brute Force
    Brute Force

    A cop is killed by colleagues in khaki, exposing a malignancy

  • Shangrila Panchayat
    Shangrila Panchayat

  • Satchels, Half-Empty
    Satchels, Half-Empty

    The curricula's another story. Rote learning that kills the ability to question fosters an elitist model...

  • Against Idiotisation
    Against Idiotisation

    There is a creed that refuses to be opiated by the TV and has built fulfilling homes without it

  • When It's Hell
For Leather
    When It's Hell For Leather

  • Weighing A
Deadly Anchor
    Weighing A Deadly Anchor

  • Shades Of Pink
    Shades Of Pink

    China's pro-capitalist tilt yields a split opinion in the Left here

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