April 10, 2020
Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley

  • Where Is The Congress?
    Where Is The Congress?

    People ask all sorts of questions. Even about the Aam Aadmi Party. But no one is asking about the Congress....

  • 'Silence Is Always Dignified'
    'Silence Is Always Dignified'

    The BJP candidate from Amritsar has some advice for Jaswant Singh and also some questions for his opponent...

  • Lessons From 1962
    Lessons From 1962

    Was a Himalayan blunder of 1962 in fact a Nehruvian blunder? How prepared are we in our military strategy?

  •   The Godwin Exchange
    The Godwin Exchange

    BJP leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha hits back at Rahul Gandhi for comparing Narendra Modi to Adolf...

  • Mixed Feeling
    Mixed Feeling

    'I am indeed happy and delighted that we have been able to create the separate state of Telangana...I am...

  • Taxing Modi’s Rallies
    Taxing Modi’s Rallies

    "Does the Finance Minister want to augment his revenue by taxing NaMo Rallies?"

  • 'Serious Concerns'
    'Serious Concerns'

    On the growth rate, real fiscal deficit, inflation, investment and the slow down in manufacturing sector....

  • Parliament Pandemonium
    Parliament Pandemonium

    'What has happened today is on account of the UPA’s inability to handle the political situation arising out...

  • 'Clearly Unconvincing'
    'Clearly Unconvincing'

    “What has Rahul Gandhi to offer to this country?” or “Is he too confused to get into the specifics and...

  • A Historical Opportunity
    A Historical Opportunity

    Whether we correct the lapses and the weaknesses of the original Lokpal Bill as was introduced and approved...

  • 'The Emperor Is Without Clothes'
    'The Emperor Is Without Clothes'

    The government stands exposed. Even a Parliamentary cover-up through a JPC will not save it of the...

  • 'The Credibility-Quotient Counts'
    'The Credibility-Quotient Counts'

    'When there are no clear majorities, the government formation is an art of the possible. The Congress Party...

  • 'An Indication For The Future'
    'An Indication For The Future'

    'This result leads us to the next campaign for the Lok Sabha... The next Lok Sabha election is going to be...

  • 'Article 370 Has Nothing To Do With Secularism'
    'Article 370 Has Nothing To Do With Secularism'

    'It's an instrument of oppression and discrimination against Indian citizens,' says the leader of opposition...

  • 'In Order To Polarize The Country On Communal Lines...'
    'In Order To Polarize The Country On Communal Lines...'

    'Even though the draft ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations )...

  • 'A Clear Case Of Rape'
    'A Clear Case Of Rape'

    Perhaps it was inevitable that the distressing charges of sexual assault and the ordeal of a young journalist...

  • The Threat To Free Speech
    The Threat To Free Speech

    A potential loser in an election can not seek to alter the rules of Free Speech.

  • 'This Is An Attack On Shri Narender Modi And Other senior BJP Leaders'
    'This Is An Attack On Shri Narender Modi And Other senior BJP Leaders'

    'It was intended to intimidate our party which has vowed with greater determination to fight these...

  • 'A Campaign Of Disinformation'
    'A Campaign Of Disinformation'

    'We opposed the issuance of the Ordinance on several grounds. There has been a series of discussions in...

  • 'Misuse Of Investigative Agencies By Ruling Party'
    'Misuse Of Investigative Agencies By Ruling Party'

    "Congress cannot fight the BJP and Narendra Modi politically. Defeat stares them in the face... they have so...

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