April 02, 2020

Arshad Mahmud

  • Clerical Terror
    Clerical Terror

    Four years after the storm, Taslima Nasreen remains unrepentant

  • Bullet For A Bullet
    Bullet For A Bullet

    Mujib's killers get death but must they face the firing squad?

  • Volatile Triangle
    Volatile Triangle

    With the war of words escalating, the geostrategic balance between India, Pakistan and China hangs by a thread

  • Acid Reign
    Acid Reign

    An alarming number of spurned suitors, angry husbands use acid to take revenge, but legal loopholes keep them...

  • Dhaka Does It
    Dhaka Does It

    Even Bangladesh clocks 85 per cent success in combating TB

  • Tentative Agenda
    Tentative Agenda

    Despite latent politics, the trio decide to trade more than insults

  • To Catch A Terrorist
    To Catch A Terrorist

    A top ULFA leader is nabbed in Dhaka but political compulsions may delay his return

  • Chakmas Land A Deal
    Chakmas Land A Deal

    But the opposition raises the India bogey and tribal-settler equations stay uneasy

  • Shrill Chimes Of Chittagong
    Shrill Chimes Of Chittagong

    The 20-year-old insurgent conflict may have quietened down but is far from resolved

  • Sufferers & Survivors
    Sufferers & Survivors

    These are the stories of women, children, everyman; of the pain and trauma of being uprooted--an account of...

  • Rain To The Rescue
    Rain To The Rescue

    Every drop helps as a water shortfall exposes flaws in the treaty

  • A New Start
    A New Start

  • Surprise Welcome
    Surprise Welcome

    Out on bail, Ershad's tumultuous reception puzzles critics

  • For Dhaka's Sake
    For Dhaka's Sake

    Gowda's recent visit can only be seen as a political gesture

  • Towards A Watershed
    Towards A Watershed

    India takes a major step in solving the Ganga water-sharing row with Bangladesh

  • For Father's Sake
    For Father's Sake

    Or was it a conspiracy that spurred Hasina to show her claws?

  • Uneasy Resurrection
    Uneasy Resurrection

    Sheikh Hasina seeks to put her father back in the history books

  • Jamaat's Debacle
    Jamaat's Debacle

    The party's ambiguous stand confused many supporters

  • A Vote For Stability
    A Vote For Stability

    Tired of political upheaval, the people look for a strong government

  • Is The President Partisan?
    Is The President Partisan?

    After the latest crisis, there are doubts whether the elections scheduled for June 12 will be held

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