January 16, 2021

Arjuna Ranatunga

  • Potential Champs
    Potential Champs

    India should win the World Cup. It's well represented in batting and its bowling crop is very impressive....

  • Apply The Thumb Rule Uniformly
    Apply The Thumb Rule Uniformly

    The likes of Laxman, Ganguly and even Tendulkar must look to command their place by virtue of performance and...

  • A Crying Shame
    A Crying Shame

    Ganguly was seen giving his 100 per cent at Kotla. He wanted his place back badly. Such hunger is to be...

  • Redemption Time For Murali
    Redemption Time For Murali

    The champion in him would like to leave his mark on the tour. Murali's pride must have been hurt in the ODIs...

  • Reasons To Celebrate
    Reasons To Celebrate

    The Tendulkars, Sehwags and Dravids, Muralitharans and Vaas are reasons enough to hook on to the game. We are...

  • Don't Underestimate Us
    Don't Underestimate Us

    India would count out Sri Lanka at its own peril. It would be a mistake if they treat these Tests as a...

  • Not Merely An Illusion
    Not Merely An Illusion

    Wish as anyone might, nobody can take away Ganguly's record or the esteem in which he is held worldwide....

  • Dhoni, Pathan Standout Performers
    Dhoni, Pathan Standout Performers

    Flexibility, which men like Pathan and Dhoni afford, is key in one-day context and India is blessed in the...

  • Bristling With Aggression
    Bristling With Aggression

    The Indians have managed to unnerve the Sri Lankans. If they could do it to a Glenn McGrath or Brett Lee,...

  • A Cocky Move
    A Cocky Move

    India took the flexibility theory to dangerous terrain. To aim for eleven faceless men in a team is alright...

  • India Raising The Bar All The Time
    India Raising The Bar All The Time

    It's not one or two but all the eleven who are emerging from unsuspecting quarters and soon are all over the...

  • 'A Seriously Good Team In The Making'
    'A Seriously Good Team In The Making'

    The batting is flexible and is being groomed to adapt to different situations and different slots. The...

  • Back To The Basics
    Back To The Basics

    When everyone is gripped by the virus of failure, it is easy to overreact to such terrible reverses....

  • Sachin's Still The Best
    Sachin's Still The Best

    The maestro's riposte to speculation on his future has been nothing less than stunning.

  • Disappointing Itinerary
    Disappointing Itinerary

    The Indian Board must have had their reasons for spreading the game in the hinterland but it does not do...

  • Ganguly Or Dravid?
    Ganguly Or Dravid?

    If I could offer advice, I would ask the Indian media and a few motivated officials to stop fishing in...

  • Poor Planning Did India In
    Poor Planning Did India In

    One keeps hearing that this Indian team needs more time to turn round the corner. They would surely not be...

  • Sehwag Should Bat Without A Care
    Sehwag Should Bat Without A Care

    You do wonder if the status of a senior member of the side, as well as being vice-captain, has made him...

  • An Old Familiar Tale
    An Old Familiar Tale

    As the Indian batsmen have not made big totals, the weaker links in bowling are being exploited to the full.

  • Balance Of India's Line-Up Awry
    Balance Of India's Line-Up Awry

    On Sunday, except for Sehwag and Dravid, it seemed anybody could walk in into the middle. It was a lottery....

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