June 06, 2020

Archana Rai

  • Socket Error
    Socket Error

    Chat room addicts beware: unreal, virtual relationships in Cyberia can cause you real pain.

  • Software: Hard Risks
    Software: Hard Risks

    An Indian cartel on the lines of OPEC? The industry weathers a tumultuous year, and the technology bloodbath,...

  • Filling Unmet
    Filling Unmet Needs

    Sans uniforms, classroom structures or set syllabi, alternate schools offer a healthier education environment

  • Network Terror
    Network Terror

    It's a scam worth crores of rupees—fly-by-night operators taking infotech aspirants for a ride

  • The New(dot)Comers
    The New(dot)Comers

    Men may have been swept away in the dotcom meltdown but women in Bangalore are swimming against the tide and...

  • The Poor Little Rich Kids
    The Poor Little Rich Kids

    He's filthy rich, flashes his bank statement to hide his emotional poverty. Meet the nervy young geek -...

  • Get Connected
    Get Connected

    Forget boxy desktop beasts.... Telephony, video, multimedia, the web, are all oalescing in slick, seamless...

  • Systems Failure
    Systems Failure

    Unlike software, the Indian hardware sector has little government support and a tough haul ahead

  • The Rs 14,000 Crore Man
    The Rs 14,000 Crore Man

    A mix of integrity and acumen has made Wipro's Azim Premji arguably the richest Indian

  • 526 Days To Doomsday
    526 Days To Doomsday

    A software nightmare looms large, but sadly most Indian companies still have not woken up to the Y2K challenge

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