March 03, 2021

Anvar Alikhan

  • Pasta La Vista, Baby!
    Pasta La Vista, Baby!

    Goodbye pasta, farewell salad—Steakhouse is strictly for carnivores only.

  • Tale That Only Connects
    Tale That Only Connects

    A novel about Forster details the painful gestation of A Passage To India and the unrequited love at its...

  • Tell This To The Other Side
    Tell This To The Other Side

    Despite its flaws and inconsistencies, a powerful and mov­ing novel

  • Not Without A VS Vada
    Not Without A VS Vada

    Veena Stores started out in the ’70s, selling murukku, and then graduated to serving tiffins

  • As The Wall Is Breached
    As The Wall Is Breached

    Europe in decline: tales of homebred sloth, migrant labour, and a North-South rivalry feeding Euroscepticism

  • The Rebellious Shepherd
    The Rebellious Shepherd

    Jesus didn’t want to start a religion. He only wanted to throw out the Romans, says Aslan’s new biography.

  • Name’s Brand, James Brand
    Name’s Brand, James Brand

    Despite all Boyd’s talent, and best efforts, the book is underwhelming

  • Nation On Three Cylinders
    Nation On Three Cylinders

    A buffet of opinions looks at the many sides of India’s progress, present or future, and explodes a...

  • Maha Thali, Maha Cuisine
    Maha Thali, Maha Cuisine

    Why is it that we’re familiar with the Gujarati thali, but have probably never tried a Maharashtrian thali?

  • They Knew Their Sky
    They Knew Their Sky

    This is a Victorian magic box—part baggy mystery, part astrological arcana and literary construct, and...

  • Mum Knows Best
    Mum Knows Best

    No trip to Goa is complete without a meal at Mum’s Kitchen: one of the last places where you can get to...

  • Hyderabad Diary
    Hyderabad Diary

    It is no longer about the creation of a separate Telangana, but who gets the keys to the city of Hyderabad

  • Afternoon With Vanjiram Curry
    Afternoon With Vanjiram Curry

    It’s almost too good to be true: a rustic palm-thatched shack, run by a mom-and-pop team

  • Countdown To Doomsday
    Countdown To Doomsday

    Some thought-provoking ideas— some of which go back to the proposals Ambassador Galbraith made back in the...

  • Ranna, Reinvented
    Ranna, Reinvented

    “If you think Bengali cuisine is only about bony fish and mustard, think again”

  • Yagnavalkya Corner Room
    Yagnavalkya Corner Room

    Spiritual mumbo-jumbo? Or does this tap an important emotional need-gap out there?

  • Autocrats Of The Talking Table
    Autocrats Of The Talking Table

    As with any book one really enjoys, I have some small quibbles, but the book still makes delicious reading.

  • A Prince For Our State Of Bother
    A Prince For Our State Of Bother

    A commendable book, painting a heart-lifting picture of a new, different India.

  • A Soothsayer In Singapore
    A Soothsayer In Singapore

    Lee Kuan Yew, master statesman, on a dourly astute China, a muddled, promising India, and the surrounding...

  • Ducks To Die For
    Ducks To Die For

    A tour of Asian cuisines­­—Thai, Chinese, Japanese—with stopovers in Myanmar, Malaysia and Korea.

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