June 12, 2021

Anuradha Roy

  • Berry Berry Sweet
    Berry Berry Sweet

    The hills are the perfect place to go looking for wild and exotic flora

  • Mauritius Diary
    Mauritius Diary

    About 63 per cent of the population in Mauritius is Indian-origin. Where’s their Indianness gone?

  • Wasted Lure
    Wasted Lure

    Glimmers with promise at its dramatic opening. But then maudlin exile moments drip and drop into a deepening...

  • Highway Sugar Bon-Bons
    Highway Sugar Bon-Bons

    A moveable feast that, alas, doesn't travel well. Bias and memory linger heavy through a breezy journey to...

  • The Luchi Speaks For Itself
    The Luchi Speaks For Itself

    Scholarship with memoir and recipes. Occasionally she speaks where silence would have been eloquent. But...

  • Cooking Women
    Cooking Women

    "What do they cook in your part of the world, anyway? Just potatoes and roti," my aunt would remark. The...

  • A Banquet Of Spectres
    A Banquet Of Spectres

    All of India has its bhoots; Bengal has made a respectable genre out of 'ghost-writing'

  • Girl, Interrupted
    Girl, Interrupted

    ...and Kassabova's exploration of a girl grappling with history

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