February 26, 2020

Anjum Hasan

  • Diwan-e-Khasi

    Shillong is all its parts, and then some

  • Us V/s Them
    Us V/s Them

    'Freedom of Expression' was the theme of this year's late September book-fair in Gothenburg on Sweden's west...

  • Author, Author
    Author, Author

    The Gothenburg book-fair in Sweden, one of the biggest in Europe, celebrated its 20th anniversary in the last...

  • Poetry, Politics And Desire
    Poetry, Politics And Desire

    The passing away of Kaifi Azmi represents the slow disappearance of a liberal humanism that was able to...

  • Shillong, Bob Dylan And Cowboy Boots
    Shillong, Bob Dylan And Cowboy Boots

    The third-prize-winning entry -- a reflection on what Shillong's famed and unfussy love for western music...

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