June 24, 2021

Anjolie Ela Menon

  • Colourful Caravan
    Colourful Caravan

    I take credit for trying to bridge the gap between high art and the ubiquitous art of calendars, film...

  • The Violated Body
    The Violated Body

    Rape and the case for the death verdict. When should it apply?

  • Shanghai Diary
    Shanghai Diary

    To the question 'what is the difference between India and China today?', the instinctive answer might be 'In...

  • Sound Of Boots On A Starry Sky
    Sound Of Boots On A Starry Sky

    A peep at life and art in a strife-torn state across the border

  • Small Insights
    Small Insights

    This profusely-illustrated coffeetabler is a guided tour of an interesting—if uneven—collection of over...

  • Art: Francis Newton Souza
    Art: Francis Newton Souza

    Always provocative and irreverent, Souza was the enfant terrible of Indian art and his colourful career was...

  • My Book of the Century
    My Book of the Century

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