November 25, 2020

Anjali Puri

  • Bursting Balloons
    Bursting Balloons

    Aspirational children’s birthday celebrations have become cultural landmines marked by subtle exclusion and...

  • “I Prefer To Fight Today’s Battles”
    “I Prefer To Fight Today’s Battles”

    The Amartya Sen you didn't know: on niti and nyaya, the Left, Manmohan, Rahul, Sikh riots, Modi

  • Making Light Of Solidity
    Making Light Of Solidity

    At last, a get-thin book from India that chucks cheese for channas, yet puts on some weight around the covers

  • Reverse Swing
    Reverse Swing

    An election defeat brings a temporary loss of habitat, but life still beckons

  • Your MP... Mrs MLA
    Your MP... Mrs MLA

    Two-thirds of our women MPs ride to the House merely on family connections

  • The Other Gandhi Yatra
    The Other Gandhi Yatra

    The 'hi-fi' candidate, the motley rashtrabhakts and rivals—Pilibhit serves up a heady brew

  • There's Room For Her
    There's Room For Her

    The Domestic Violence Act is securing women their right to a home

  • Grub Street Exclusives
    Grub Street Exclusives

    Slumdog kids fall prey to tabloid hacks

  • Breakfast-Time Bliss
    Breakfast-Time Bliss

    Mom's cooking or not, the crepes at this cheerful cafe in Khan Market's potholed but popular food alley are...

  • When On Khyber 'Ills We Lay
    When On Khyber 'Ills We Lay

    When an army doctor recently told him to continue with his pleurisy medicine until his 100th birthday,...

  • Free Tibet Inc
    Free Tibet Inc

    Fifty years after a trans-Himalayan exodus, Tibetans scale professional heights with elan

  • 'Very Difficult To Be Both Indian And Pakistani'
    'Very Difficult To Be Both Indian And Pakistani'

    'With every generation it is worse... They have had their pure society, so they are not used to the idea of...

  • Indus Potsherd Of Our Times
    Indus Potsherd Of Our Times

    A son takes two broken pieces of his ancestry to fuse a searing memoir

  • Diva On Her Tracks
    Diva On Her Tracks

    Four decades on, the Howrah Rajdhani Express chugs along, shinier, but at the same pace

  • Fit To Be A Democracy?
    Fit To Be A Democracy?

    Unlike their western counterparts, netas here are no sticklers for fit ness. Price for being a gerontocracy...

  • In The Court Of Tara
    In The Court Of Tara

    Undimmed by a millennium, Alchi's Buddhist murals point to a maturity beyond Ajanta

  • Import Duty
    Import Duty

    Nepal's Maoists can snap the sacred threads bonding Pashupatinath temple and its Indian priests

  • The Scene Steelers
    The Scene Steelers

    Doctors, Policemen, Commandos, Firemen, Railway Announcers, Hotel Staffers

  • Suffering Separately
    Suffering Separately

    Shouldn't there be a thread that binds the "disaster wards" at JJ Hospital and the candlelight marchers who...

  • Bole To...
    Bole To... Bollywood

    From a theatre near you, the Hindi film has now moved into our lives and consciousness

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