November 29, 2020

Anita Roy

  • Noir Say Die
    Noir Say Die

    Successfully spooky, written with surgical precision, thrilling to the psychological core

  • Fear & Loathing In New Delhi And London
    Fear & Loathing In New Delhi And London

    I'm not the first person to have fled the Delhi summer for the cooler climes of England. It's a long and...

  • The Gospel Of St Makelove
    The Gospel Of St Makelove

    Don't think it's an OD on sex. It's a treatise on the subject: the Indian Penile Code.

  • An Ode To Myself
    An Ode To Myself

    So he is no critic, but wish the object of Tharoor's admiration was someone else, not him

  • Soup Story
    Soup Story

    Sadly, Ruia's no Voltaire; the text is peppered with mistakes that make any Indian wince -- there are more...

  • Ramchand Stores
    Ramchand Stores

    That rare creature, a writer who can interweave comedy and tragedy with elan.

  • Blues Mama
    Blues Mama

    Jung's problem is she colours each scene with a hoarding-painter's palette. The evils are vile, the virtuous...

  • In An Orient Tavern
    In An Orient Tavern

    Gripping -- but ultimately, he's more backpacker than factpacker.

  • Up Parkes Street
    Up Parkes Street

    This is not a book to be read cover to cover. It's an ideal bathroom read, made for dipping into at random

  • Missing The Cue
    Missing The Cue

    Military history thinly-veiled as fiction with flimsy dialogue, loose characters and a scanty plot.

  • Stringed Instruments
    Stringed Instruments

    A love story of implacable opposites, riven by puppets and plagues

  • In The Land Of Babycakes
    In The Land Of Babycakes

    Making babies is fun, having them is not. Of all of life's events, becoming parents is the most...

  • Travelling Light
    Travelling Light

    Journeys -- literal, figurative, metaphorical, spiritual, short, endless: you name it.

  • Alphabet Soup
    Alphabet Soup

    An NRI author's one big exercise in language: stretching ABCD

  • A Life Among Books
    A Life Among Books

    A publisher's memoir of working with Naipaul and other writers

  • 'Fonthasthique' Voyage
    'Fonthasthique' Voyage

    Chick Lit just upgraded, courtesy a delicious new book

  • Too Neat By Half
    Too Neat By Half

    Despite Syal's huge talent, unexpectedly full of cliches

  • Look Out For Potter!
    Look Out For Potter!

    Enchanting children's books that have become instant classics

  • Felines Too Can Be Fun
    Felines Too Can Be Fun

    Don't judge this book by its cover, it's better than it looks

  • The Second Skin
    The Second Skin

    An unusual book on how Indian clothing reflects social attitudes

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