February 28, 2021
Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

  • View From The Glasshouse
    View From The Glasshouse

    What use pontificating about feelgood factors? Can we ignore the reality?

  • The Shadow of Burqas
    The Shadow of Burqas

    For Afghan women, freedom's costlier than the $68 mn spent on the constitution

  • Bad Faith, Bad Taste
    Bad Faith, Bad Taste

    Pakistan's response to India's peace offer shows how badly it's stuck in the old mould

  • The Mutant Hindu Turtle
    The Mutant Hindu Turtle

    Cooption, the great tactic of Hinduism, is what the Congress is practising

  • Born-Again Schisms
    Born-Again Schisms

    Republican rule brought war: now America mulls its baleful consequences

  • Terror Is A Dead Horse
    Terror Is A Dead Horse

    Ordinary citizens get angry as they pick up the tab for Bush's war in Iraq

  • Stem The Slide Now
    Stem The Slide Now

    India's problem has never been its people. It's the politics that's pulling us down.

  • A Spoonful Of Dissent
    A Spoonful Of Dissent

    Why can't our leaders learn to offer—and accept—constructive criticism?

  • Strike Against Hunger
    Strike Against Hunger

    MGR was rebuked for it 20 years ago. Now his midday meal-scheme is India's ideal.

  • Seize Those Hands
    Seize Those Hands

    As Sri Lanka marks 20 years of ethnic conflict, some sane voices arise

  • Going On The Drip
    Going On The Drip

    Britain wants a medical service minus the social costs. Well, India's cheap.

  • The Jack Of Spades
    The Jack Of Spades

    A lack of preventive action sees us lurching from one crisis to another

  • Fun, Fear...And Faith
    Fun, Fear...And Faith

    The Church has hit a lean patch in Europe, the welfare system replacing God

  • Bad Art, Worse Life
    Bad Art, Worse Life

    Murdered poet Madhumita's story reads worse than any sordid soap opera Updates

  • Dumb Charades, Again
    Dumb Charades, Again

    The peace pantomime continues. The question is: can we chart a new course?

  • Talk Tough, Talk Quiet
    Talk Tough, Talk Quiet

    However bad the itch to imitate the US vis-a-vis Pakistan, we can't afford it Updates

  • In Bed With The Brass
    In Bed With The Brass

    Embedded journalists are slaves to the military and blind to the reality

  • The CNN Son et Lumiere
    The CNN Son et Lumiere

    Live coverage of war has trivialised its excesses, reducing it to a spectacle

  • A Cow-Wardly Turn
    A Cow-Wardly Turn

    The Congress is a new convert to the ways of competitive Hindutva

  • Peace Is Elsewhere
    Peace Is Elsewhere

    After successfully containing Bush's 'mad cowboy disease', the west's enlightened public should urgently turn...

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