May 12, 2021

Anil Kumble

  • Perception And Practice
    Perception And Practice

    'Sachin and I played 122 Test matches together; I never threatened his place in the team as a batsman. But I...

  • 'We Could Have Won 2-1'
    'We Could Have Won 2-1'

    In a tough series, both on and away from the field, we gave our very best

  • 'You Need To Keep Talking'
    'You Need To Keep Talking'

    Batsmen held steady, the pacemen swung it around. We followed the plot.

  • 'Ricky Just Wouldn't Listen'
    'Ricky Just Wouldn't Listen'

    It's up to us players to ensure cricket isn't sullied. We want to move on.

  • One Of The Greatest ODI Series
    One Of The Greatest ODI Series

    What a way of resuming cricketing ties and how entertaining this one-day series turned out to be!

  • 'India Start Favourites'
    'India Start Favourites'

    'The Indians realise the importance of the final as not just an opportunity to win silverware, but the...

  • 'Don't Count Us Out Yet'
    'Don't Count Us Out Yet'

    'It is a do-or-die situation for the Indian team, but we have lived up to the challenges before when faced...

  • 'Let There Be A Fair Contest'
    'Let There Be A Fair Contest'

    'The pitches at Karachi and Rawalpindi were too good for any bowler to make an impact. One hopes there will...

  • 'Bowlers Should Come Hard Early On...'
    'Bowlers Should Come Hard Early On...'

    '...This will set the tone of the innings when we bowl. The subtle changes by varying pace and by way of...

  • 'Intense, Exciting Fare In Offing'
    'Intense, Exciting Fare In Offing'

    'I know for a fact that the team management would ensure to keep everyone's focus on the job at hand, back...

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