July 29, 2021
Amitava Kumar

Amitava Kumar

  • Hindi On The Hudson
    Hindi On The Hudson

    Sometimes my son asks in English: “Baba, what does duniya mean?” It means the world, beta, the world that...

  • Place Of Birth/Place Of Death
    Place Of Birth/Place Of Death

    To return to Patna is to find the challenging thought of death, like the tip of a knife, pressing against my...

  • Salman Rushdie And Me
    Salman Rushdie And Me

    It wasn't just about standing up for freedom of expression in India: maybe I was doing something more humble...

  • A Few Chapters From Follywood
    A Few Chapters From Follywood

    Uninspired, unoriginal, sans cogent argument, this is anything but a comprehensive history of Bollywood.

  • A Civilizing Mission
    A Civilizing Mission

    He was indicted on charges of conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger. He never published a classic text nor did...

  • The Enigma Of Return
    The Enigma Of Return

    Fidelity to his interlocutors, and to their detail and circumstance, as much as the intelligence and...

  • Eye Turned Inward
    Eye Turned Inward

    Aslam has the courage to write against the shortcomings of his own religion. When has anyone of the VHP had...

  • What If We Were Together?
    What If We Were Together?

    The Partition was a tragedy, but the greater tragedy is that today the dream of a united India is the fantasy...

  • Gogol Versus Ganguli
    Gogol Versus Ganguli

    Displaced metaphors play out their genteel turmoil yet again, Jhumpa style

  • Black Crows In The Open
    Black Crows In The Open

    Jha's second novel shows he's still in tormented territory, and thriving

  • Ah, The Gifts Of Abandon
    Ah, The Gifts Of Abandon

    Iyer could not have known this when he finished his book but Mohammed Atta, the leader of the September 11...

  • Bowling At The Death
    Bowling At The Death

    The local TV images of the mass funeral had a ticker tape running below—"PM congratulates victorious Indian...

  • Elsewhere Histories
    Elsewhere Histories

    Chaudhuri's writings record subtle variations on a more settled routine. The technique works because it saves...

  • Rage, Rage Against The Dying Light
    Rage, Rage Against The Dying Light

    High on success and stardom, Rushdie's novel touches the low of banality

  • Flight Into The Wild
    Flight Into The Wild

    A new fashion statement in India writing using adrenaline instead of ink.

  • Servant's Quarters
    Servant's Quarters

    A novel knowledgeable about wealth, sentimental about poverty.

  • 'We Are All Converts'
    'We Are All Converts'

    Amitava Kumar on his marriage to a Muslim, his 'conversion' and his first visit to Karachi

  • The Longest Journey
    The Longest Journey

    Stephen Alter takes a step across what's just a line on the map

  • Now, Voyager
    Now, Voyager

    An uneven, but often rewarding, saga of forgotten Indian diasporas

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